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  Feral Friends of Millsboro, Inc.

About Us


Since 2007, Feral Friends of Millsboro, Inc. has been helping to control the feral cat population in Sussex County, Delaware.  We do this in the humane way of Trap/Neuter/Return. Doing this helps to control diseases that might spread throughout the colony. We feed and care for many colonies on a daily basis. When possible, kittens are rescued and fostered until they are healthy and can be adopted to a loving home.

 Feral cats roam free in communities and generally have had no socialization. Also referred to as strays or alley cats. Unsterilized feral cats tend to band together in colonies.    A feral kitten less than four or five weeks old can be humanely trapped and tamed to be adopted into a forever home. 

As of December 2010, we are happy to announce that we will also be fostering dogs. These dogs will also be available for adoption to loving homes.

Feral Friends of Millsboro, Inc. consists of a group of hard working, compassionate and dedicated volunteers that are all working towards a common goal. That goal is to do everything we possibly can to help as many helpless, homeless cats, kittens and dogs as we can. We all have a mutual love for animals and a shared desire for their well being and safety.

Feral Friends of Millsboro, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We do not receive compensation for what we do. Instead, we are rewarded with the greatest gift of all, knowing that we have done our best to provide these loving animals with a fighting chance for a future. As well as being able to offer wonderful companions to some very special families.

We feed and care for several colonies, foster cats, kittens and dogs, host fund raisers and trap/neuter/return.  When we have charity events, someone from the group is there to answer any questions and help when needed.

Unconditional love is what this is all about.  These kittens, cats and dogs depend on us for food, water and medical care.  Without our work they would not eat properly, and could end up contracting incurable diseases, possibly become blind.... Only to wander away and die a horrible, lonely death. Even though the cats in these colonies are feral, they come running when they hear our call to come for fresh food and water.

To wake up in the morning and hear the cries of little kittens and to see the wagging of tails that are so dependent on our care is just the greatest feeling. To watch them grow and when the day comes that they find their forever home, we lovingly give them up, even though it hurts us deeply. We can not keep them all, but wish that we could. 



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